True Circadian lighting is intended to act as natural light and effectively regulate circadian rhythms (our 24hr light dark cycle). In turn acting as a potential preventive for a range of many chronic diseases that affect millions of people today. Artificial light can prolong and degrees the body’s ability to create melatonin (the sleep hormone) this can be devastating to our health. Lack of sleep has been proven and linked to a range of illnesses with long term effects not to mention lack of sleep can have the same affects as alcohol when it comes to the simplest tasks like driving. 6 hours of sleep every night = same performance as someone legally drunk reading 0.08 – 0.1 which is over the legal Australian limit. 40% of Australians suffer from Inadequate sleep and I.S. is becoming a chronic issue. In fact in 2016-2017 Inadequate sleep cost Australia $66.3 billion. Artificial light is great when used at the correct time of the day and with the correct Melanopic levels. It has been stated by the World Health Organisation recently that shift work has been deemed as carcinogenic due to the exposure of artificial light which collides with our human light dark cycle. Its not all doom and gloom there are measures which can be taken with systems and fittings that can help our 24hr light dark cycle (Circadian Rhythm) our body clock that operates critical functions including the production of testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol and melatonin. These hormones have a direct influence our body’s overall functionality.


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Circadian Lighting - Light beyond vision

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