This Converse Australia project was amazing to be part of. The South Wharf Melbourne Victoria store –  Our client came to us with the project at the end of 2019. It was mentioned to us that this store is the biggest Aus/Nz Converse Shoes in its Fleet, A first of the new concept in the Southern Hemisphere never been done, Australia is going to be the first, The corporates from America will be flying over to inspect the new layout “it’s going to be a big deal“. Our client then followed by saying “the catch is we have a month window and that month is February, Well not even a month 16 days to be exact because the remaining days in February will be for site cleaning and stocking of new store”. We didn’t even give it a minutes thought before committing to this project with such a tight deadline. We wanted to be apart of this no question. Being involved with this job from de-fit of the existing shop right through too hand over was amazing. Seeing the drawings for the first time then seeing the end result was super rewarding for us a company, all our staff involved were wrapped to see their huge efforts so well received by the retail giant. For us as a business that is what drives us to deliver 100%. Being able to take vision on paper and turn it into reality is motivating along with rewarding. We are always looking at ways to improve in the interest of our end user



shop fitting electrical devised

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