We are Circadian lighting Specialists in Melbourne Victoria – Lighting can play a major roll in human health! Light can have huge positive effects and huge negative effects on us. Exposing ourselves with the correct amount, the correct type of light at the right time of the day can compliment our circadian rhythm in a great way. Our circadian rhythm (24hr body clock) basically controls and syncs everything in our body. We live in 7 x more light than we should and this ultimately effects our slow wave sleep (deep sleep). Think of evolutions 24hr light, dark pattern, this has been perfected by Mother Nature over 1000’s of years. We have products which can be customized for each individuals need and wants that imitate the external environment inside. Control the light – Control the clock! The human sleep, wake cycle is vital for a heathy life. A bedside lamp at 25lux can reduce melatonin by 50%, 10 minutes exposure to your phone before bed can reduce melatonin by 50%  These numbers are huge  your lighting could be affecting your health

Circadian Lighting - Light beyond vision

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