This is one of our tuneable Circadian lighting projects we recently completed in the heart of the CBD Melbourne – Victoria.

LED lights where the theme and we delivered! We installed tuneable LED lighting all controlled and driven off an app which can be downloaded to any device. This particular system also had Bluetooth switches locally installed throughout the project that can control certain programmed areas of the installation. The app also allows the individual to customise the installation to their specific requirements. Wether that is dimming control, colour temperature, switching zones, master on/off, programmed scenes throughout the day or even link it to the bureau meteorology to follow the weather patterns. The system also has a gateway feature which allows for remote access and programmability. It was a really good system to install and program, the app is user friendly and doesn’t over complicate things. As far as lighting control systems go this is a top package with endless programming opportunities. Probably our favourite part of the while system is the Circadian scenes that can be programmed. The colour rendering that you can control from the app is amazing with the ability to get the whitest of whites and the deepest of orange glows really set the rooms up in a way that would not be achievable with standard lighting.


Circadian Lighting - Light beyond vision

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